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Laminated glass,which is made up of two or more sheets glass bonded together with one or multi-layers polyvinylbutyral (PVB) interlayer in a high temperature and pressure circumstance,is a safty glass.The function of Colored Laminated glass which is made of tinted PVB interlayer is not only aesthetic appearance and decoration ,but also minimizing UV transmittance. Compared whith colored laminated glass, the UV transmittance of clear laminated glass is two to three times.



When attacked by outside force ,laminated glass is hard to be penetrated and can remian integrally in the frame even when it is broken,avoid somebody who are closed by glass.Therefore, laminated glass is the true safety glass.

2.Sound Insulated:

PVB can effectively prevent sound wave. Sound wave can be obviously weakened when it goes through laminated glass so that noise disturbance in offcie or living environment is reduced .

3.Anti-UV :

The interlayer can filter out ultra-violet rays, so that can effectively prevent ultra violet radiation.

4.Anti-bullet and anti-explosion:

Multi-layer laminated glass can be made into variety of bullet-proof glass and explosion-proof glass.


Due its unique features, laminated glass can be extensively used in building skylight, high grade curtain wall, building windows and doors, furniture, bank counter, aquarium and bullet proof glass wall of museum etc.

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