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Tempered glass

Content:Tempered glass is produced after the technology of the heating treatment. its features is form the compressive stress layer on the surface of the glass, thus improving the glass itself mechanical strength and the impact strength of heat-resistance, and have the special fragment state.

Character of tempered glass:

1.Safety: when the tempered glass be broken, it will be emerge the small obtuse angle granule of mesh cracks, not harm to human body, and improve the safety of the product use.

2, High strength :The bending strength and impact strength of tempered glass is more than 4-5 times of the ordinary glass; Shock strength is 3-5 times higher than ordinary glass.

3, Thermostability :The tempered glass has good thermal stability, the withstand temperature changes is more than 200 centigrade.

Scope of application: widely used in high building doors and windows、curtain wall、interior partition 、sightseeing lift channel、furniture、glass fence and so on.

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