Balustrade Laminated Glass


Product origin :CHINA(Mainland)

Delivery time :15days

Supply capacity :5000 sqm per day

1. Glass Thickness: 4.38mm 6.38mm 8.38mm 10.38mm 12.38mm - 42.3mm
2. Certifications: AS/NZS 2208:1996, EN 12150-1, CPSC 16 CFR 1201, ASTM C 1172-09, ISO9001
3. PVB thickness: 0.38mm 0.76mm 1.14mm 1.52mm 2.28mm 3.04mm, EVA & SGP accepted
4. Color range: clear, milky, green, bronze, grey, blue, OEMed color
5. Size: customized


1. 5 times harder than ordinary float glass, stronger resistance to thermal breakage than annealed or heat strengthened glass.

2. Once breakage occurs, the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments, which are relatively harmless to human body.

3. It withstands abrupt temperature change of 220 Centigrade.

4. Sizes are produced as per customer request. Once tempered, it can not be cut down.


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