tempered polish building glass for construction price

Products Description


Curved Tempered Glass is the curved surface safety glass, processed by heating float glass to fit certain arc and radius and then make it cooling down quickly to reach the surface turned curved and the facial intensity increase 3~5 times stronger than common glass.


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Product Details

Features of Our Curved Toughened glass

1. As a type of safety glass, curved Toughened Glass is 5 times harder than ordinary glass, when glass broke, it will shatter into small blunt fragments and harmless to people.

2. Toughened curved glass sometimes can reduce the use of other building materials and result in a reduction to building costs.

3. Curved glass is flexibility and elegant, the flow of this building material provide unprecedented level of creativity in the design of a structure. Toughened curved glass is a highly adaptable material to give architects the freedom to explore more organic and fluid concepts.

4. Curved tempered laminated galas widely used in modern construction, such as window, door, balustrade, shower room, partition,

roof, greenhouse, elevator etc.





Clear, bronze, grey, green, blue


Min. 200x300mm, Max.3300mmx13000mm, custom sizes

Self explosion rate

can achieve <3/1000(China standard: <1/1000)


Thickness tolerance: within 0.2mm; Dimension tolerance: normally within 1mm


CE, ISO, CCC, BS6202,EN12150,GB15763.2

Delivery time

7-15 days

Q1.How can I buy glass?
A:We need detail request size,thickness,quantity,color and design order to make further quotation.
Q2.Would you offer sample for our quality test?
A:Yes. Glass sample for free and customer will bear the courier charge..
Q3.Would you help to arrange the shipment?
A:Yes!please let me know destination port,I will offer the cheapest fright and fastest sailing time.
Q4.would you accept mix different glass into one container?
A:Yes.we can accept mix container,please confirm all details in advance.
Q5.Would you accept Letter of credit payment?
A:Yes.We accept L/C payment,TT, WESTERN UNION is also accept.
Q6.Would your provide hardware accessories?
A:No.We can give hardware accessories supply service.
Q7.Would you guarantee the glass was not damaged during transport?
A:Yes.we used strong export plywood crates with paper/powder inter layer.As long as the
loading and unloading operation is correct,the glass will no damaged.
Q8.How about your MOQ?
A:Float glass MOQ is one full container.Deepen process glass MOQ is 200sqm.
Q9.How about delivery day?
A:Glass in stock delivery within 3 days after confirm order.Out of stock and deepen process
glass take 7-10day after confirm order.

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