How To Maintain The Flat Curved Tempered Glass?

2023/06/29 15:16

In life, flat curved tempered glass we can often use, together with good characteristics, loved by people, in daily use, flat curved tempered glass to pay attention to maintenance, not only to extend its service life, but also to reduce damage, then flat curved tempered glass how to maintain it? Next take a look at it together!

To often clean the tempered glass, in the daily cleaning, wipe with a wet towel or newspaper can be, wet towel can wipe most of the stains, newspaper can wipe the water stains on the glass surface. As the stress points of tempered glass are all concentrated in the corners, the protection of the corners is more important, to frequently check the corners to see if there is any damage.

Curved Tempered Glass

To try to avoid long-term exposure to the sun and rain on tempered glass, tempered glass long-term exposure to the sun and rain, it will lead to expansion and deformation of the glass substrate. Winter glass surface is easy to frost, you can use a cloth dipped in concentrated salt water or white wine to wipe, if the glass if there is paint, available cotton dipped in hot vinegar scrubbing. If there are scorch marks on the glass surface, you can first use a hard cloth to wipe off the surface traces, and then apply a layer of wax, it can be very good to go to the scorch marks. Tempered glass table tops should often be kept clean to prevent mold spots due to desktop contamination, you can move the tempered glass to a ventilated location and use an iron for a few minutes to remove the mold spots.

In the process of preserving tempered glass, you should try to keep the tempered glass clean, store it in a dry room and avoid contact with moist gas or corrosive gas. It should not be cut, drilled and ground again after forming, otherwise it will cause blowing. Avoid sharp objects to knock the edges and corners to reduce damage. Tempered glass is easy to break if it is in the state of too high temperature difference, do not make the tempered glass touch the objects with too big temperature difference at the same time.

The above is the maintenance of flat curved tempered glass, I hope the above content can be helpful to you, welcome to call us!