In life, flat curved tempered glass we can often use, together with good characteristics, loved by people, in daily use, flat curved tempered glass to pay attention to maintenance, not only to extend its service life, but also to reduce damage, then flat curved tempered glass how to maintain it?
2023/06/29 15:16
     Tempered glass is a kind of ordinary flat glass formed after heat treatment. It forms a compressive stress layer on the surface of the glass, with increased mechanical strength and heat-resistant impact strength, and a special crumb state. Steeling is the rapid and uniform heating of ordinary
2023/05/22 11:06
Thickness of the glass: The heat transfer coefficient of insulating glass is directly related to the product of the thermal resistance of the glass (the thermal resistance of the glass is 1mK/W) and the thickness of the glass. When increasing the thickness of the glass, it will inevitably increase
2022/12/20 15:55
    Safety performance: Laminated glass for architecture can resist the penetration of accidental impact, even if the glass is destroyed, the fragments will still be with PVB film, reducing the risk of breaking or falling glass, it can avoid personal injury or property damage caused by falling
2022/12/20 15:45
Laminated glass, also known as laminated glass and vacuum glass, is a composite glass product made of two or more pieces of glass with one or more layers of organic polymer interlayer sandwiched between them, and after special high-temperature pre-pressing (or vacuuming) and high-temperature and
2022/12/20 15:29
Glass is an item that we often touch and use in our daily life, from household items such as glass to architectural decorative materials such as glass curtain walls, glass has made a great contribution to the development of world civilization. For example, we often hear about tempered glass, which
2022/11/23 15:31
The answer is yes, tempered glass is required for buildings over seven stories. When tempered laminated glass is subjected to external forces, it is restricted to resist surface stresses, thus increasing the resistance of the laminated glass itself to air pressure. When this glass encounters
2022/11/23 14:39
Heat Strengthened Glass Product      Annealed float glass can be cut to a desired finished size and Heat Strengthened to provide a glass product with greater resistance to thermal, mechanical or impact loads. Heat Strengthened glass is not a safety glazing product and must not be used in areas
2022/06/15 11:32
1, look at the glass markLook at the glass corners to see whether there is a tempered 3C mark, playing 3C mark (the kind that can not be scraped off) is basically tempered glass. Tempered glass processing procedures are first cut into the required size of ordinary float glass, then grinding,
2022/11/23 14:18
                                                 Spontaneous Glass Breakage ReportSpontaneous glass breakageSpontaneous glass breakage is a phenomenon by which toughened glass (or tempered) may spontaneously break without any apparent reason. The most common causes are: 1. Minor damage during
2022/06/15 11:17
EVA safe glassAlso known as: laminated safety glass evasafe, laminated E.V.A. (ethylene cinyl acetat), laminated evasafe, laminated stadip protect evasafe, laminated stratobel eva creation.Laminated glass with EVA foilRecently, the laminated glass with EVA film used. EVA stands for Etyleen Vinyl
2022/06/15 11:15
Insulating glass (IG) is separated by two or more glass panes through a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce part of the enclosure through which heat transfer passes. Insulating glass for windows A is commonly referred to as double glazing or double pane windows, triple glazing or triple pane
2022/10/21 16:45