Laminated Glass Panels

Safety: Laminated glass can be saved intact after being damaged by means of exterior impact, presenting security protection.

Noise reduction:The PVB movie is an impediment to sound waves, so that laminated glass can efficiently block the transmission of sound and decrease the interference of noise.

UV protection:It has a high-quality hindering impact on the UV rays in the sunlight, correctly fending off UV radiation.

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Laminated Glass Panels

Laminated Glass Panels Structure

Laminated glass is made of two or greater portions of glass with one or extra layers of PVB 

film, or colored Laminated glass made of colored PVB film, processed at excessive temperature and strain to make security glass, which can decrease the transmission price 

of ultraviolet mild and play a ornamental and beautifying role.


Safety: Laminated glass can be saved intact after being damaged by way of exterior impact, presenting security protection.

Noise reduction:The PVB movie is an impediment to sound waves, so that laminated glass can efficiently block the transmission of sound and decrease the interference of noise.

UV protection:It has a extraordinary hindering impact on the UV rays in the sunlight, correctly warding off UV radiation.

Bullet-proof and explosion-proof:The use of multi-layer laminated can produce a range of ranges of bullet-proof and explosion-proof glass.


Widely used in doorways and home windows of buildings, indoor and out of doors decoration, curtain walls, canopies, sunrooms, counters, aquariums, financial institution counters, bullet-proof glass partitions of museums, etc.

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