Advantages Of Laminated Safety Glass

2022/12/20 15:45

    Safety performance: Laminated glass for architecture can resist the penetration of accidental impact, even if the glass is destroyed, the fragments will still be with PVB film, reducing the risk of breaking or falling glass, it can avoid personal injury or property damage caused by falling glass.

PVB film has the function of damping sound waves, so that laminated glass for construction can effectively control the propagation of sound and play a good sound insulation effect. For improving the sound insulation level of glass by changing the specification parameters, from the technical and economic performance ratio considerations, it is recommended to adjust in the following order, increasing the damping (using laminated glass and increasing the thickness of PVB) → increasing the thickness of the air layer of insulating glass → increasing the thickness of glass. The sound insulation STC value of the glass window is affected by the window frame, generally 1 to 3 levels lower than the STC value of the glass.

Laminated glass is very tough, even if thieves will crack the glass, due to the middle layer of glass firmly adhered together, still maintain the integrity, so that thieves can not enter the room, the protection of persons and property glass is a kind of ancient iron substance is not an effective sound barrier, if the noise is conducted through the glass, there is an impact on the people in the room; due to the PVB film has a damping function on the sound waves, laminated glass can effectively Inhibit the transmission of noise, especially in buildings located at airports, stations, downtown and on both sides of the road, the sound insulation effect is obvious after the installation of laminated glass Architectural laminated glass made of film can effectively reduce the transmission of sunlight, and laminated glass made of dark, low-transmittance PVB film of the same thickness has a stronger ability to block heat.